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family vacation

Family ski vacations are some of the most wonderful memories I have from my upbringing. I recall the excitement being almost as intense as Christmas morning when we piled into the car, full to the brim with our equipment and set out for the mountains. Looking back, I now recognize how stressful it must have been for my parents to organise such a vacation. With so many things to think about in terms of accommodation, equipment, gear, passes and lessons, it is unbelievable that we ever made it out the door.

With these memories in mind and the ski season at Obergurgl-Hochgurgl only days away, here we round up our top tips for making the most of your family ski vacation in Obergurgl.

1.    Pack the Proper Gear

Layers are best for children, as they will fluctuate between hot and cold. Make sure you start with a thermal base layer underneath your waterproof snow trousers and jackets. Keep extra sweaters and gloves on hand, especially for the kids as they could get very wet. Goggles are a must-have for the whole family and helmets are also essential, especially for the children.

We recommend renting equipment if you are travelling with young children – you can save a lot of space and luggage by renting skis, boots and poles. Bring your own ski clothing, goggles, helmet, gloves and scarves.

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, this is often overlooked and is an essential item when skiing on bright and sunny days.

2.    Stay in a Chalet

Having the whole family crammed into one hotel room isn’t ideal so think about renting a chalet in Obergurgl for a little extra space and enjoyment. If you stay at the Chalet at 11˚ East you’ll find the proximity to the slopes and home-cooked meals are a great energy-saver!

3.    Kids Ski-Lessons

No matter the age or skill level of your children, a lesson is always a great way to spend a few hours and get acquainted with the slopes in Obergurgl. Your children will benefit for developing their skills and learning some best practices for mountain safety.

This will be a little rest for you so you can enjoy the slopes on your own for a morning or afternoon!

4.    Keep Busy with Activities

There are tons of fun activities to keep the family busy on and off the slopes; mountain hikes, Nordic skiing, indoor horseback riding and various Obergurgl events. To find out more visit the Obergurgl tourism website:

5.    Healthy Snacks

Avoid sugar-laden snacks such as chocolate bars and candy as your children will feel the highs and lows of the sugar. Instead try packing dried fruits and nuts, protein bars (check for grams of sugar before you buy), wraps with peanut butter or mountain granola bars.
These will provide a longer, more stable source of energy.

These top tips for family ski vacations in Obergurgl are brought to you by The Chalet at 11˚ East in Obergurgl. Happy family vacationing!

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