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Amazing snowfall bodes well for 2021 skiing in Obergurgl! What’s not to look forward to compared to 2020?

Massive snowfall across the Tyrol causes road closures, school closures and avalanches.

In the eastern part of Tyrol the avalanche danger rose to the highest level- 5 following exceptionally heavy snow throughout the week and the weekend. There are power cuts, landslides and roadblocks everywhere.

In East Tyrol, the avalanche danger rose to the highest level 5 after the heavy snowfall on the weekend. In North Tyrol, too, snow and rain have a firm grip on some regions. Power cuts, mudslides and roadblocks followed as a result. Schools in East Tyrol and in Ötztal will be closed on Monday.

Also  On Monday, a Black Hawk helicopter from the German Armed Forces will carry out  “downwash work” on snow-laden trees to free the snow load as well as reconnaissance flights. Many roofs are also laden with snow which is becoming problematic.

Just look at some of the records that are being clocked up!

In Umhausen in the Ötztal – on the way up from Innsbruck to Obergurgl

  •  (1030 meters above sea level) it snowed around 80 centimetres from Saturday to Sunday, the record for 24 hours there was 45 centimetres from October 2013. Measurements have been made here since 1956.
  • On the Brenner (1400 meters) it snowed around 90 centimetres from Saturday to Sunday (record: 100 centimetres, measured in March 1975).
  • In St. Jakob / Defereggen (East Tyrol, 1,283 meters) there was a snow cover of 110 centimetres on Sunday morning and in Sillian (East Tyrol, 1081 meters) of 89 centimetres.

So once this settles down, which it will, it bodes well for the most fantastic skiing throughout 2021.

Obergurgl opens itself to tourists this year on January 7th, 2021 after a lockdown that hopefully sees off the virus. And if you are over 90 years old, you may even have been vaccinated by then! What’s not to look forward to?

This solid base will not go away until spring at the earliest and the ski season in Obergurgl carries on all the way through April, so book your flights or Eurotunnel whilst you can! We drove from the UK to Obergurgl in about 14 hours, but a stop off after about 8 hours at Baden Baden is a very nice town for an overnight break. Stay at Roomers hotel and book into their Japanese restaurant which serves food that’s as good as Nobu!

Do remember if you decide to drive, you must, by law, have snow tyres fitted before you enter Germany or Austria. If you are not familiar with snow tyres, try Black Circles for a very wide range of snow tyres at competitive prices.  Goodyear UltraGrip Performance Gen-1, Michelin Alpin 5 & Vredestein Wintrac Pro, all rank very highly in the independent Car Magazine assessment

Article by Chris

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