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The summer is winding down and ski season is just around the corner! As many of us have busy lives, it seems a common situation is finding yourself with the ski holiday booked, the equipment purchased but your fitness level unprepared for the slopes. This begs the question: is it possible to get fit quickly? The short answer is no, ideally you will start with your fitness routine 3-4 months before your holiday. However, most of us don’t start considering fitness until closer to the holiday so we do have some tips for getting yourself into a better personal fitness position within 2-3 weeks. Read on for our tips on getting fit for you ski holiday at the Chalet at 11° East quickly!

1. Work on your Cardiovascular Fitness
Cardio is the key to building your stamina so you can ski longer and with better power. It will also help your body recover from exertion faster. Even if you’re 2-3 weeks away from your ski holiday you can start the process of building your stamina, so begin by doing an activity consistently (3x per week) that gets your heart rate up. We recommend doing something you enjoy like a spin class, running/jogging or circuit training at your gym.

2. Work on your Stability and Coordination
Skiing requires balance, coordination and strength and if you don’t have a grasp of these elements it becomes easy to get injured on the slopes. We recommend using targeted exercises that will enhance these things to make your transition back onto the ski hill easier. Some exercises we recommend are squats, planks, lunges, lateral hops and exercises using the swiss ball which will especially increase your core strength and balance. If you are unsure about creating a routine, we recommend going to your local gym – they will have all the equipment and expertise to get you into a routine. If you prefer an activity, pilates are great for building core strength and balance.

3. Warm-up
When it comes time to hit the slopes, do not leave the chalet without doing a good 20-30 minutes of warm-up activity. This could include a brisk walk, stretching or using the exercise equipment at the Chalet at 11° East.

4. Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard
The first few days on the slopes will definitely be hard on your body after a period of inactivity. Make sure you know when to stop and do so before your body gets too tired. Over-exerting yourself will put you in danger of injury and create a longer recovery for your muscles at the end of the day. Start the season with shorter days and gradually move into where you were at the end of the previous season.

We hope you enjoyed these ski fitness tips, brought to you by the Chalet at 11° East in Obergurgl.

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