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Not a Skier?

I remember when I booked one of my first ski holidays to Obergurgl, Tirol. Having never been to the area, I was excited for weeks leading up to the event. I researched the area, booked the accommodation, purchased new ski apparel and watched the snow report like a mother watching over a newborn baby.

Then, it happened. It was all so sudden I don’t think I could have prevented it: I fell on the icy driveway and completely banged-up my left knee. In the weeks that followed, I hobbled around, waiting for myself to repair but eventually the day came; we were leaving for Austria and there was no way I would be alpine skiing.

In times like these you make the best of the situation and ironically, without stepping foot onto the ski hill, I had one of the best ski vacations of my life. The reason: there is tons to do in Obergurgl, Tirol for non-skiers. If you ever find yourself questioning whether or not to attend a ski vacation without any actual skiing skills, don’t hesitate!

Here are my top 6 things to do in Obergurgl, Tirol as a non-skier (in no particular order):

1. Winter Hiking

Put on your snowshoes and enjoy the beauty of Obergurgl’s winter scenery with 12 km of cleared winter trails. Little mountain huts can be found along the way to stop in for a warming Schnaps or hot chocolate.

2. Ice Skating

This is a truly magical activity that really captures the spirit of the winter. You can find a great ice-rink at the hotel Enzian in Obergurgl and enjoy a drink or snack at the nearby Eisloch Sportsbar, when you’re done.

3. Cross Country Skiing

Classic style cross country skiing is a great workout and a low-impact activity for those with injuries or issues with their knees. Because you are using your entire body, no specific muscle group is over-worked, allowing you to really take advantage of Obergurgl’s 12 km of nordic ski trails.

4. The Indoor Horse Riding Arena

In the village center of Obergurgl, you will this world-class indoor riding centre featuring Tirolean Haflinger horses and panoramic views that will take your breath away. In the summer months there are escorted trekking rides. Book in advance!

5. Après -Ski

A time honoured tradition and some may argue this is the best part of a ski holiday. Simply be ready to put on some ski apparel and meet your friends for drinks and snacks on the mountain around 3pm.

6. The Chalet at 11º East

A day at the Chalet at 11º East is a day well spent. Enjoy the fabulous home theatre, the “tone-zone” where you can get some exercise (without going outside) or take advantage of the beautiful bar with a glass of Ruinart Champagne.

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