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If you’re an avid skier like me, you probably find yourself spending time thinking about the latest ski gadgets and accessories, even when you’re off the the slopes. You may be known to google the words “go-pro” every now and again, or be the last person out of the lodge because you need to check out the latest technology in ski goggles. If you fall into this category, this article is for you. Between all of us at the chalet, we have compiled our favourite ski gadgets and accessories to purchase for your next trip to The Chalet at 11º East Obergurgl.

Giro Compass Goggles

Razor sharp, distortion free lenses that are as durable as pricier models. The cost savings comes from two layers of foam instead of three, the no lens change systems and less free hinging in the strap. We think these goggles are some of the best value for 2015.

Arcteryx Stikline Jacket

Warm, waterproof and lightweight. This breathable GORE-TEX shell has Thermatek insulation intended for backcountry descents and rest periods. The best feature of the Stikline is that it is designed to be warm inside and out, with water resistance for snow and sweat. This jacket will  protect you from the mountain chill!

North Face Kaban Day Pack

This pack stands up as one of the best in terms of durability with it’s water resistant material, 360º reflective front logo and supportive back panel. The North Face claims these backpacks are used to transport gear on yaks during high-alpine expeditions!

Shred Slam Cap

Don’t forget your helmet! The Slam Cap is a helmet for the skier who wants both protection and comfort on the mountain. The innovative technology is designed to absorb and lessen the brunt of an impact, protecting you in the event of a crash. In addition there is removable lining, adjustable venting and a fitting wheel that allows you to fit the helmet to your head in seconds.

Lucent Heated Gloves

Nothing ruins the enjoyment of skiing like getting cold hands. The solution: Lucent heated gloves.

The heating elements in these gloves are integrated into the inner fabric and batteries are neatly tucked away in the gauntlet. Say goodbye to cold hands with these!

Go-Pro Hero 4 Black

If you enjoy capturing footage on the slopes, this is the ultimate camera for you! The Hero4 captures ultra-high-definition, cinema-quality video at 30 frames per second and has new after-dark settings for better imaging in low light. Also included is an audio system and mic to improve sound capture.

Armada Scrum Socks

We must not forget the negative impact of cold feet on the mountain! These socks are made of lightweight merino wool with a breathable mesh top, making them perfect for skiing and maintaining comfort. In addition, they have seamless toes and extra support to keep you conformable and stable around the ankles.

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