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Skiing fast

Picture this: you’re flying down a mountain, the sky is crystal blue and the sun glistens through snow covered trees. You glide smoothly past snowy peaks and the spray of fresh powder leaves a contrail behind you. For any skier, is there any better feeling in the world? Answer: no.

Let us not forget that we were all beginners once and taking advantage of those wide open spaces on the mountain did not come easy. No matter your ability, here are my three tips on how to (safely) ski faster.

1. Physical training
Increase your overall strength and speed by using interval training. This means simply doing a series of low-high intensity exercises, alternating bursts of high intensity with periods of lighter work and rest. You don’t need any special equipment and you’ll burn more calories in less time at the gym. The results on the mountain will be clear: better aerobic capacity and the ability to ski longer, harder and faster.

2. Lead with your chest
Position your body so you are facing downhill with your eyes focused on where you are going, rather than where you are. This will help to avoid rotating your body to follow your skis, keeping your speed faster and more consistent.

3. Position your ankles
A very simple and easy trick to ski faster is to press your shins against the tongue of your boots. This adds pressure to your skis and increases your speed immediately.

Finally, after considering these three steps you can also get your skis waxed for additional boost. The type of wax is completely dependent on the type of snow and skiing conditions so I recommend using the Swix WaxWizard..






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