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Walking on skins to the Langtaleckerhutte, Obergurgl

Walking on skins to the Langtaleckerhutte, Obergurgl

Obergurgl in the summer.          IMG_1377

Obergurgl is a fascinating resort in the summer, with long steep walks to enjoy. Fortunately there are various mountain huts along the way to provide a little refreshment, and many of them are only accessible during the summer months.
One of our favourites is the cosy Langtalereckhütte, (2450m) which is about a 3 hour walk from the 1930 metre base of Obergurgl itself. Prior to arriving at The Langtalereckhütte one will come to the Schonweiss hutte which is good for a drink- just about a 90 minute walk from Obergurgl. A small very charming shepherds house lies between the Schonweiss and the Langtalereckhütte and if he is there, he will invite you in to try what I suspect is home made elderflower, which was delicious and refreshing.
The Langtalereckhütte has good food and one can stay the night if one wants. From there on, there is an altogether more challenging trek to the Hochwildehaus, which sits at about 2,900 metres,some 12 km from Obergurgl.
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