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Recently, I discovered an article on regarding the positive health effects related to vacationing in high altitude resorts, like Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. How interesting, considering how when we normally hear about the effects on humans in altitude there is generally a negative connotation. Common related articles cover topics such as altitude sickness and preparing for climactic changes when moving into a higher altitude; however, this article was purely based on positive effects, which are worth reading about.

When you visit The Chalet at 11˚ East Obergurgl, there is a strong chance you will be active during your stay. The Chalet is a refuge for skiers, snowboarders and mountain hikers; all activities that require fitness and stamina which promote good health. Positive effects of vacationing at the Chalet and getting active are staggering.

Excerpt from the article:

The secret of the recreational value of active mountain holidays is, according to Austrian High Altitude Studies, that the human organism mobilizes powers and uses them more effectively.

Positive effects on typical diseases of civilization like high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, overweight and diseases of the cardiovascular system have been scientifically proved for longer hiking holidays in a medium altitude of 1,500 meters – 2,500 meters.

Moreover the positive effects of a mountain experience amidst an unspoilt landscape, including flora and fauna and glacier exploration, add to the person’s holistic well-being.

So, what if you go to a ski chalet and don’t plan to get active? The answer is that you still stand to benefit from simply stepping foot into the mountain air. Research through the University of Innsbruck has proven that allergy sufferers enjoy very few problems in places like Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, even in the main pollen season. In addition, dust mites are incapable of surviving at such altitudes because the air is too thin.

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There is much to be gained by vacationing at a chalet in Obergurgl. Not only is it a wonderful experience and more fun than you can imagine, the health benefits are notable. We look forward to hosting you at the Chalet at 11˚ East!



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