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The Chalet at 11º East Obergurgl, Champagne


The adventures of Piglet.

Piglet is a small friend of the Chalet, at 11* East, Obergurgl.   He calls it a luxury ski chalet and knows it’s in a country called Austria and that people love the doorstep skiing there.

For the winter he resides on the 3rd floor, in the bedroom on the right.
He is used to cold climates, snow and skiing. During winter Piglet enjoys watching children learn to ski out of his bedroom window.
The Chalet, at 11* East has an exceptional location, right next to the children’s ski school. A few times he has thought about climbing out of the window to go and learn with them but, for now, Piglet knows he is just too little. Instead, he likes to watch the skiing, he is also fond of visiting the 5* ski rental shop Riml, just over the road – not too far for his little legs to carry him.
Most of all, he looks forward to delicious cakes at teatime in the Chalet. He tries to sneak into the guest areas to see if there are any leftovers – it is unusual to find any scraps but one time he did get his paws on a very expensive glass of red wine. He says it led to a good night of dancing in front of the Wii in the cinema room!

This week, Piglet has travelled to Turkey to check out the competition of hotels over there.
He’s looking for new ideas to bring back to the luxurious  Chalet, at 11* East for Christmas.
So far.. he’s stumbled across a new drink called champagne. Fizzy, bubbly and delicious. He swears they need it in The Chalet.
Bringing this new discovery to the attention of the Chalet Team, he was initially disappointed to find out it is not a new discovery.
Turns out however, that there is a cellar full of the stuff in the Chalet and he is looking forward to going down when nobody is looking for a cheeky sip.

Frankly, the Turkish pancakes he tried will not be making an appearance. Piglet thought they would be better offered to Bruno the dog.


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