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In my last post I began listing the wonderful biking/cycling trails in the Obergurgl area. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the descriptions of Timmelsjoch, Festkogl and Gurgler Achweg, you’re in luck, there are two more routes I have yet to tell you about. Read on for additional biking/cycling journeys in the beautiful Ötztal Valley.


Length (roundtrip): 1 hour 40 minutes

Degree of difficulty: Intermediate/experienced cyclists only

Change in Altitude: 560m

Distance: 13,66km

The Langtalereckhütte route is one of the most popular routes in the area. The journey begins in Obergurgl village where you’ll enjoy a leisurely cycle along 7km of gravel leading towards Schönwieshütte (a high altitude refuge hut). Following a steep trail climb, eventually you will find yourself at the edge of an Alpine basin where the Langtalereckhütte mountain hut awaits you. The view is beautiful and a snack can be enjoyed at your destination before you take the same route back to Obergurgl.


Length (roundtrip): 3 hours 30 minutes

Degree of difficulty: difficult/experienced cyclists only

Change in Altitude: 1,210m

Distance: 19,64km

This trail has tons to offer with its winding trails, scenic views and even a restaurant along your climb, but these rewards do not come easy. This is a route that requires its cyclists to be in great physical shape with good technical skills.

The tour begins in the hamlet of Pill where you will follow the Timmelsjoch route until you reach the pasturelands. Continuing on, you’ll pass the Angerer Alm hut and the winding trail coming down from the Wurmkogel ski run.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Mountain Star Restaurant before you start your decent. This is a place that offers 360º views of the Alps and lovely cuisine! Your downhill journey home offers plenty of opportunity for speed and exhilaration as well as some challenging terrain. Return to Obergurgl via the hamlet of Pill and settle into the Chalet at 11º East for some food and wine!

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