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New snow technology has landed in Obergurgl in the form of an artificial snow cloud, currently being tested in Obergurgl’s huge open-air laboratory. The artificial snow cloud produces top notch snow with low density by using much less energy and water than other snow-producing technology. This could be a major breakthrough for the future development of sustainable snow for winter sports.

Michael Bacher, the scientific leader of this project has been interested in snow-production for years. “From an economic and ecological point of view, the new technology is very interesting as it uses considerably less energy and water,” said Bacher, who is currently working with colleagues from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Currently, resorts from all over the world spend millions of dollars per year on snow production so this advancement is certainly exciting and has generated a lot of interest.

So far, there doesn’t seem to be any downside; operating the artificial snow cloud is both more efficient and less expensive than typical snow cannons. With this technology one cubic meter of water can create 15 cubic meters of fresh powder, compared to typical snow cannons that only produce about two cubic meters of snow from the same amount of water. In addition, the resulting snow crystals are said to be as natural as if mother nature had created the powder herself!

The Chalet at 11º East is thrilled to have such an exciting advancement in snow technology in our backyard. If you are visiting us in the near future, make sure you check it out.

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