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One of the biggest complaints that can be heard around the mountain is the cry of skiers, old and young, wearing ill-fitting ski boots. If they are too tight they can ruin your day with ankle pain and discomfort. If they are too loose and you can say goodbye to all control of your turns on the slopes.

The solution to this problem is to buy your own ski boots and make sure they are properly fitted. Here are our 7 tips on how to make sure you get the right pair.

1. Find the right shop and seek out their boot specialist

Specialist boot-fitters have years of experience and can make the difference between getting the right pair or the wrong pair of ski boots. Generally ski shops will have a least one boot specialist; however, you are advised to call in advance and book an appointment. We recommend doing your homework on the various shops to buy from and experts on hand.
A good shop will also stock a wide range of brands and can create custom boots with orthotics. Avoid end of season sales and buying online based on your size!

2. Wear the right clothing

The wrong socks can make your boots seem too small or too big. Buy a pair of knee high socks that are made for skiing and take these with you for your boot fitting before you buy.

3. Talk about your skiing ability

Your ability level, where you ski, the type of snow, the types of runs you like to ski and past injuries are all major determining factors in which boots you should be wearing. Be prepared to discuss this honestly with your boot specialist.

4. Avoid choosing by brand

Abandon your preconceived notions about certain brands and allow the boot-fitting specialist to guide you. Your skiing ability, the shape of your foot, injury history and needs will determine which brands and models will work for your foot.

5. Orthotics

Orthotics or a custom food-bed will stabilise your feet and reduce the shape of the inside from changing. They can be expensive but generally they are worth it for comfort and durabiltity.

6. Patience

Finding the right boots is not something you want to rush – you may have to search in a few shops before you find the right pair. We recommend leaving plenty of time for this process. Do not leave it to the last minute before you embark on your ski holiday as ill-fitting boots can ruin a holiday!

7. Let your boots wear in

Like any shoes, it will take a few days of wearing your new ski boots for them to feel comfortable. Don’t panic if they feel too tight at first, this is normal. You can reduce the discomfort on the mountain by wearing your boots around the house for a few days before you use them on the slopes. If you have worn the boots for 4-5 days and they are still feeling uncomfortable, do not hesitate to take them back for adjustments.

We hope you enjoyed these tips brought to you by the Chalet at 11˚ East.

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