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If you have tried mountain biking, hiking and swimming but summer sports just aren’t your thing, you may find your thoughts wandering towards the next ski season. The only problem with that is it is only July and you have almost another half year to fill before your next moment gliding down powdery slopes!

Because so many of us can’t find the same excitement in summer sports compared to skiing, we have compiled a list of our top 5 ways to fill the gap between ski seasons. Read on for our top tips.

Buy Your Gear Now

In the spring and summer, ski gear from last season is at its lowest prices. Most of the top ski outlets will discount their equipment, jackets, pants, gloves and gadgets to make room for the upcoming season’s new stuff. If you’re not fussy about having the latest model of everything, now is the perfect time to stock-up on anything you need for the season ahead. The only thing you shouldn’t buy this time of year is ski boots. Stocks are notoriously low at the end of the season and quite often there isn’t much availability in sizes so better wait until closer to the season if you need boots.

Book Your Next Ski Holiday

Take advantage of early booking specials and book now. During the summer there are tons of early-booking discounts and perks for those willing to commit to their next ski holiday. In addition, there is an advantage to booking ahead in terms of availability;this is important If you’re planning to travel during peak season. Book ahead and get the best possible deal and the ability to travel when you want.

Start your Fitness Plan

Fitness is one of the major inhibitors when it comes to improving your skills. You can remedy this by creating good habits early and create a fitness plan that slowly accelerates as you move closer to the season. Join a gym, go for a few jogs a week or pick-up a summer sport. All these things will help improve your overall level of stamina and strength, making your days on the slopes really count.

Get Your Own Training Machine

If you don’t have time to create a fitness plan and you want to splash out – look into getting a Skier’s Edge.  This machine was developed by the US ski team to simulate the action of skiing and is now used as part of the British team’s fitness programme. There are some ski shops and private gyms that will allow you to try before you buy. For example, Skiplex in Reading and Chiswick both run courses combining slope technique with a session on the Skier’s Edge.

Go to a Glacier

You don’t actually need to wait for the ski season to start in Obergurgl, or travel all the way to the southern hemisphere to ski now. There are several nearby glaciers that are open during the summer! Keep in mind that glacier skiing is very different from skiing the slopes of Obergurgl – you wake-up very early, apply a lot of sun-cream and by the time the afternoon rolls around, the conditions make it impossible to continue. Having said that, if you need a quick ski fix before the season officially starts, glaciers are a great option. For more information about which glaciers to ski, check out

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