When a booking is made between The Chalet, Piccardweg 10, A 6456 Obergurgl and the client, a contract is formed and is subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

1. The Deposit:
On receipt of a 20% deposit as confirmation of your booking, we will acknowledge your payment and confirm details of the balance to be paid and due dates by email or letter.
The client shall be responsible for providing correct information for all members of the party and will be responsible for all payments.

2. Final Payment:
The balance of the payment shown in the confirmation shall be payable within 10 weeks of departure. Should the booking be made within 10 weeks of departure full payment shall be required on booking. In the absence of payment at the appropriate time we reserve the right to cancel your booking and charge a cancellation fee.

3. Method of Payment:
We require all payments to be made by direct bank transfer to the account detailed on the invoice.

4. Cancellations
Should you wish to cancel your booking for whatever reason, please notify us in writing. Cancellations charges will apply upon written receipt as detailed:
More than 10 weeks© notice: loss of deposit
Within 10 weeks: 50%
Within 3 weeks: 80%
Within 2 weeks: 100%

We reserve the right to resell a cancelled booking but retain the right to charge you a cancellation fee. Should you make a claim against an insurance company please note that we require the cancellation payment from the client to be paid in advance of any settlement with your insurance company.

Should we at The Chalet have to alter or cancel your booking, you will have the right to a full refund but we accept no liability, nor will we be liable to pay compensation.

In the event that your booking has to be cancelled due to a force majeur which might include but is not limited to war, the threat thereof, riot, civil strife, terrorism, industrial disruption, natural disasters (eg. avalanches), fire, technical problems, adverse weather, government action or other such events which are beyond are control, we will not be held liable.

5. Care of The Chalet:
It is your responsibility to indemnify The Chalet for all losses and/or damages arising from any one in your party. Everyone in your party must carry adequate winter sports insurance as we take no responsibility for your actions.

We reserve the right to recover from you the cost of breakages, damages to accommodation and any other damages caused with or without intent by any member of your party. All guests undertake to behave in such a manner to avoid causing distress, danger or annoyance to other guests, the staff or the local community. Behaviour deemed unacceptable by us will result in termination of your holiday without recourse to a refund.

6. Disclaimer:
We at The Chalet are not responsible for the actions of our guests and shall not be held liable for any claim made against them, or as a result of their actions, by a third party. Further, The Chalet and its staff will not be held responsible for loss or damage to guest belongings or property, however caused and in addition can accept no responsibility for personal injury or illness caused on or off The Chalet premises.

Where we use the services of a third party we will not be held responsible for their shortcomings and we reserve the right to subcontract out certain services.

7. Pricing Structure:
We reserve the right to increase or decrease the prices on cancelled or last minute bookings.

8. Disclosures:
Under Austrian regulations all guests are required to submit their ages and passport details on arrival.

9. Skiing:
We at The Chalet may from time to time make recommendations as to where your group might enjoy skiing. It is, however, your responsibility to select the suitable level of terrain for your abilities and we will not be held responsible for any injuries, however caused. Likewise should you choose to ski with any member of our staff, we will not be held responsible in the event of an accident.

9. Children:
Children are the responsibility of their parents at all times.

10. General:
The Chalet is non-smoking throughout and pets are not accepted.
Guests are asked to vacate The Chalet by 10.00 a.m. on the morning of departure and to note the official arrival time of 3.00 p.m. Although every effort will be taken to accommodate earlier arrivals due to flight times, we cannot guarantee that The Chalet will be fully ready before this time.