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Any skier or snowboarder will agree that cold hands on the mountain can make a big difference on how you perform. If your hands or feet are cold, your body starts to get cold, and being uncomfortable usually means your day will be cut short.

Avoid this scenario by doing the proper research on which gloves or mittens are right for you on the mountain. The Chalet at 11˚ East has put together 5 top tips on things to considering when purchasing your next set of gloves.

Gloves vs. Mittens

Mittens no longer have a reputation for being just for children and beginners. In actuality, they are much warmer than gloves, so any off-piste skiers or those who tend to ski in colder climates should consider this. The downside: mittens offer a lot less dexterity, so if you are in need quick and easy access to zips and your pack then gloves may be the better option.


You can find gloves/mittens in artificial fabric, recycled fabric or made from leather. The upside with the latter is that they are more durable and tend to be more breathable than other materials. The downside with leather is that they take a long time to dry out once they get soaking wet.

Artificial fabric is less breathable but often fast-drying and softer (more comfortable). Recycled fabric is eco-friendly, durable and comfortable.


The leader in insulation fabric is PrimaLoft which is a combination of water-repellent goose down and hydrophobic fibres. Primaloft is great because it offers lightweight warmth and comfort of ordinary goose down, but with great wet-weather thermal performance and a faster drying time. The brands Salomon and Eider both use Primaloft in their gloves/mittens, so look for these brands when shopping for gloves.


Size can make a huge difference in how warm your hands remain and how long your gloves last!
Make sure you have sufficient finger length for warmth. Your fingers shouldn’t be crammed, they should be comfortable.

For durability – make sure the material at the bottom of the V between your index finger and thumb are resting on the skin. Your gloves shouldn’t be too tight either. If the material ‘lifts at all when you firmly link the Vs on both hands, then the seams will not last.

Glove Liners?

Yes! Glove liners are great because they are comfortable, keep your hands warm if you need to take your gloves off to adjust something and they stop your hands from getting wet from sweat (and ultimately cold).  Kombi and Primaloft both make great liners from silk or artificial fabric.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to buying ski gloves, brought to you by the Chalet at 11˚ East!

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